Our menu


Ross's Chopping Board (€ 12.00)
- Crouton with pears, brie, honey and walnuts
- Crouton with chicken Luke style
- Crouton with figgione (white onion, tomato,pepper)

Burratina di Gioia del Colle and crouton whit confit cherry tomatoes and basl sauce (€ 12.00)

Eggplant parmigiana whit Fiordilatte from Gioia del Colle tomato sauce Fiaschetto di Torre Guaceto and parmigiano reggiano (€ 12.00)

Fried polenta whit porcini mushrooms and gorgonzola chestnut honey (10.00)


• 3-grain flour tagliatelle (barley spelt wheat flour) with meat sauce (€ 13.00)
• 3-grain flour tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms (€ 13.00)
• Tortellini in capon and beef broth (€ 15.00)
• Orecchiette made (Senatore Cappelli flour) with Fiaschetto tomatoes from Torre Guaceto Bio and cacioricotta (€13,00)
• Orecchiette made (Senatore Cappelli flour) sautèed whit turnip tops, chili pepper Cantabrian anchovies (€ 14.00)
• Spaghetti alla guitar whit three organic cereals whit Treviso radicchio, smoked bacon, rosemary and toasted almonds (€14.00)
• Spaghetti alla guitar whit three organic cereals and turmeric whit lamb ragù and agretti (€16,00)• Potato ravioli filled whi ricotta, chives and thyme sauteèd whi butter and asparagus (€15,00)

OTHER FIRST DISHES (Soups and velvety soups)

• Pasta e Fagioli with maltagliati* (€ 11.00)
• Puree of fava beans chicory and friggitelli (€ 11.00)
• Chestnut and porcini mushroom soup whit chestnut four maltagliati whithout egg (€ 13.00)

* We use stone-ground organic legumes, grains and flours from the "Antigola " Farm in Loiano for our pastas and soups, and all pastas are our own production.


• Breaded pork loin cutlet with corn and parmesan cheese side dish of your choice (€ 13.00)
• Choice beef strips with garlic and rosemary side dish of your choice (€ 15.00)
• Grape must sausage with side dish of your choice (€ 12.00)
• Cotechino whits mashed potatoes (€ 15.00)
• Roe deer stew whit  cinnamon and red winw and polenta organic wholemael Cinquantino corn flour polenta (€ 17.00)
• Fried breaded lamb cutlet and asparagus whi lemon and salted butter (e 18,00)


• Fried cream • seasonal vegetables in batter (Vegetables are freshly cut)
• potato croquettes • fried blue fish
For person (€ 13.00)
Maximum 2 fried foods per table


• Roasted vegetables and potatoes per serving (€ 5.00)
• Seasonal mixed vegetables large portion (€ 15.00)
• Salad of the day - Ask Ross


• Mascarpone cheese with chocolate chips (€ 6.00)
• Mascarpone with natural sweet Madrigale wine Primitivo di Manduria and macaroons (€
• Caramel fiordilatte (€ 5.00)
• Dark chocolate salami (€ 5.00)
• Lizzano blueberry tart (€ 6.50)
• Almond cantuccini and spiced cookies with glass of naturally sweet Primitivo di Manduria
wine (€ 7.00)
• Neapolitan pastiera (€ 7.00)

• Strawberries whit lemon/whipped cream



In the event that you are allergic to certain ingredients, we ask that you let us know so that these products are not also present in dishes that we create on the spot.
We do not use frozen foods in our kitchen. Some of our products may be frozen by us, by means of modern rapid blast chilling equipment, as described in the procedures of the self-hygienic control manual, according to EC Reg. No. 852/0.